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Speedway Connect Software


Impinj Speedway Connect is a software for the Speedway Revolution reader, which allows the user to easily configure it via an easy-to-use graphical interface for RFID data functions, and quickly accessing RFID data.

The license is issued by Impinj in about 1 week

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Impinj Speedway Connect is a software that allows the transfer of data from the PC application through different types of output formats, some of which are USB-HID, serial port, Ethernet.

Impinj Speedway Connect only runs on Impinj Speedway readers, Impinj xArray, Impinj xSpan, and Impinj xPortal. Impinj Speedway Connectis not compatible with Impinj R700.


Technical features

  • Protocols: HTTP Post, TCP/IP, Flash Drive, Keyboard Emulation
  • Data content: EPC, TID, antenna port, RSSI
  • Data Format: JSON, KVP
  • Supported device numbers: 1

Speedway Cloud

Try Speedway Cloud, a free middleware solution for Impinj RFID Readers using Speedway Connect software. A useful tool for testing both Readers and Tags, can also be used in production.

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