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Impinj ItemSense Software


Impinj ItemSense Software is a distributed operating system for managing readers and gateways and transforming RAIN RFID data into actionable business intelligence.

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ItemSense enables enterprise-class RAIN deployments with advanced configuration, operation, management, and maintenance features. Software algorithms for inventory, location, and threshold detection reduce the effort and investment for delivering actionable information to business and consumer applications. Easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate APIs enable RAIN application developers to quickly build powerful solutions that integrate with enterprise applications.


Software core capabilities

  • Location: Gain real-time knowledge of each asset’s location for transparency and accountability
  • Inventory: Access accurate real-time inventory data without manual counting
  • Threshold Detection: Automatically count inbound and outbound items as they pass through dock doors
  • Health and management of Impinj RAIN readers and gateways devices: Monitor health and manage firmware upgrades of multiple Impinj readers and gateways from a single, central location


ItemSense FAQ

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