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HID RFID Starter Kit - Asset Tags


The HID Global starter kit contains different types of LF, HF, UHF tags. The main uses are traceability of resources, medical and animal identification, automation.

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A useful kit to test our most durable and durable UHF tags. The kit includes a wide range of products with different technologies (LF, HF, UHF), useful for:

  • logistics
  • waste management
  • returnable transport items
  • asset tracking
  • automation
  • medical and animal identification

What's included

  • InLine Tag Ultra and InLine Tag Ultra Slim Weld
  • Iron Tag 176 and Iron Tag 206
  • UHF Keg Tag
  • SlimFlex Tag Standard 200
  • SlimFlex Tag Mini
  • UHF LinTag Stitch
  • UHF High-Temperature Label
  • IN Tag 300 HF (iCODE SLIx)
  • World Tag 30mm LF (Unique)
  • Epoxy UHF, rectangular
  • Logi Tag 121 on-metal (Vigo™ Chip)
  • LogiTag 161 and Logi Tag Button 162 HF (iCODE SLIx)
  • Glass tags 1.4x8mm, 2x12mm, 3x13mm and 4x22mm, LF
  • Plug Tag LF (Unique)
  • 40 mm NTAG 213 wet inlay
  • ClearDisc 20mm LF (Unique)
  • Piccolino Tag 7.5mm HF