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Our RFID UHF Tags are equipped with the best ICs, produces by World leading companies:

All RAIN RFID UHF Tags operate at a frequency of 860 ~ 960 MHz and comply with ISO 18000-6C / EPC Gen2 V2 protocol. The second generation EPC (Electronic Product Code) protocol is designed to operate internationally, being the result of a convergence of standards.

To better understand the technical characteristics (TID, EPC, User memory) of the different types of RFID ICs, please consult the following tables, which will help you to better understand what kind of Tag you need.

Technical specifications of NXP RFID UHF ICs

TID 64 Bit 96 Bit 96 Bit 96 Bit
EPC 128 Bit 256 Bit 448 Bit 128 Bit
User memory -- -- Up to 640 Bit --

Technical specifications of Alien RFID UHF ICs

Alien Higgs 3Alien Higgs 4
TID 64 Bit 96 Bit
EPC 96 Bit 128 Bit
User memory 512 Bit 128 Bit

Technical specifications of Impinj RFID UHF ICs

Impinj Monza 4QTImpinj Monza 5Impinj Monza 4EImpinj Monza 4DImpinj Monza R6
TID 32 Bit 48 Bit 48 Bit 48 Bit 48 Bit
EPC 128 Bit 128 Bit 496 Bit 128 Bit 96 Bit
User memory 512 Bit 32 Bit 128 Bit 32 Bit --