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Selfly Store Starter Package by Stora Enso


Intelligent Cabinet providing an all-in-one RFID enabled Fridge for an automated, unmanned, and always open retail experience. Starter Kit with Tags and softwares.

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Intelligent Fridge is all-in-one RFID enabled fridge for a new retail experience. It is 24/7 connected to Stora Enso Bridge Cloud and ECommerce Service for managing product selection, purchasing and refill transactions, inventory visibility and remote management and monitoring.

The end customer can unlock the refrigerator door with a smartphone or credit card. Each item inside the refrigerator is equipped with an RFID Tag, which allows the automatic detection of the products being picked. The transaction takes place automatically after the door is closed. Web / mobile applications provide a secure user interface with simple on-screen instructions.


In just 5 quick steps a customer can have a full retail experience

  • Customer opens the cabinet using selected smartphone payment app
  • Once authentication is successful, the cabinet unlocks to allow the customer to select the desired items
  • When the customer close the door, the cabinet reads the items taken, triggering payment and replenishment orders
  • The customer receives a summary on the top panel and a receipt in their payment app
  • The cabinet is ready for next user or transaction.


  • 1 x Selfly Intelligent Cabinet with 5 shelves and a NAYAX contactless card payment terminal
  • 1 x Selfly Desktop Encoding Station
  • 1 x annual Selfly eCommerce software license for both the Selfly Intelligent Cabinet and the Selfly Desktop Encoding station.
  • 1 x Selfly ReFill App
  • 1 roll of Sustainable & recyclable ECO RFID tags for your products (defined together with you after order is submitted).
  • One year Service & Support:
    • Project management during delivery and set up
    • Operator training to get started
    • Installation and deployment (remotely)
    • Customer account setup & activation
    • 8/5 service desk for incident reporting
    • 3rd line support including detailed diagnostics and troubleshooting, workarounds and resolutions.
    • Remote support in field operations.


  • Dimensions: 660 (W) × 723 (D) × 2187 (H) mm
  • Weight: 95kg
  • Display: 23' 1920x1080
  • Power consumption: 450W
  • Volume: 400L
  • Usage: Indoor
  • Inside Temperature range: 1-10°C
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • Cabinet Shell: Painted cold rolled steel plate
  • Interior and Shelf material: HIPS
  • Glass door: Double layer glass 
  • Number of shelves: 4-5
  • Shelf size: 553 (W) x 414 (D)


  • Air interface protocol: EPC Gen2v2, ISO 18 000-63  
  • Operating frequency: 865-868 MHz  
  • Average number of products in the system: 200


  • Data connectivity: 2G/3G/4G/Ethernet


  • OS: Linux
  • User Interface: Kiosk mode with user interface and local API for integration
  • Local API: HTTP
  • Cloud API: HTTP
  • Network consumption monthly: ~200Mb to ~500Mb


  • Mobile payments:
    • MobilePay in Finland and Denmark
    • LINE pay - in Japan
    • Wechat - in China
  • Card payments: Nayax VPOS Touch - multiple regions