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RFID Trade is an Impinj Bronze Partner 

Impinj, Inc. is a manufacturer of radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices and software. The company was founded in 2000 and its headquarter is in Seattle, Washington, USA.

The company was started based on the research done at the California Institute of Technology by Carver Mead and Chris Diorio. Impinj currently produces EPC Class 1, Gen 2 passive UHF RFID chips, RFID readers, RFID reader chips, and RFID antennas, and software applications for encoding chips, and gathering business intelligence on RFID systems.

Impinj Brickyard (ETSI) - RFID UHF Antenna

The CS-777 is optimized to read near-field tags placed on products with a variety of packaging options including plastic bottles and metal foil blister packs as well as different contents such as powders, pills and even liquids. The Brickyard antenna is designed for operation with the CSL RFID reader (CS-461), Impinj Speedway® readers as well as other “Powered by Impinj” RFID readers

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Impinj Guardwall (ETSI) - RFID UHF Antenna

The Impinj Guardwall RAIN RFID antenna, deployed in pairs, provides a tightly controlled read zone designed to integrate into conveyor systems. The antenna provides a tightly controlled read zone and intense RF field for item-level reading of packed goods, critical to penetrating deep into packed cases. 

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Impinj R700 - RAIN RFID Reader

The R700 reader is designed to support global enterprise RAIN deployments that need high performance and reliability including shipment verification and inventory management.
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