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UCODE integrated circuits are the most recent UHF product by NXP. The UCODE 8 chip is particularly suitable for inventory applications, thanks to the wide reading distance even in the presence of high Tags density.

Eco RFID Paper Tag UCODE 8 - 18x49mm

Small and sustainable RAIN RFID label for retail applications. The tag is white and printable. By selecting this tag retailers make an enviroment friendly choice.
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MOQ: 100 pcs

As low as: 0.043 € / pcs

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Confidex Ironside Plate UCODE 8

RFID plate in stainless steel and aluminum, robust and clearly visible even in harsh conditions. Reading distance up to 10 meters on metal. With NXP UCODE 8.
MOQ: 8 pcs

As low as: 7.980 € / pcs

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RFID UHF Adjustable Wristband UCODE 8

RFID bracelet with adjustable velcro strap, waterproof (IP66) and resistant. Available in black color and NXP UCODE 8 chip. The dial can be customized with your logo or a serial.
MOQ: 300 pcs

As low as: 3.120 € / pcs

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