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RFID UHF Asset Tags

UHF RFID Assets are particularly durable transponders for special and industrial use with UHF RFID chip and RFID antenna.

RFID UHF Asset Tags

Rain Overmolded Uni Metal RFID UHF Tag

Overmolded Uni Metal Tag is designed to be read in the rear of a metallic object. It helps realize applications where a traditional metal tag sees a challenge. This tag is capable of reversing the interference caused by the metallic surface to become its steering power. The robust overmolded housing makes it ideal for industrial or logistics purpose. This tag sees no obstacles and makes front reading not the only choice.
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Min: 1,000 pcs

On-Metal Stick RFID UHF Tag

On-Metal Stick Tag, with a universal hole in the center, can be screwed on metal surface. Its robust housing is also designed for applications in harsh environment.
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Min: 3,000 pcs